How to become a ZHIYUN Creator

STEP 1: Apply
Select a product/project that you’re interested in. Click the “Apply” button, then fill out the application, and wait for us to get back to you.
STEP 2: Wait for the Announcement
If you are selected, we will notify you by email.
STEP 3: Receive the Product or Get a Paid Job
Receive the product for free or get a paid project offer. We will cover the shipment & delivery fees and ship the product directly from the factory to your address. Delivery normally takes 1-2 weeks.
STEP 4: Submit Your Video
Film a video in accordance with the rules, upload the video to your own social media account with the hashtag #ZHIYUNCreatorsClub, and submit the link of the post to
STEP 5: Display Your Work/Get Paid
High-quality content will have the chance of being pinned to the homepage, and/or being reposted on ZHIYUN social media pages to get more views. Good creators may also get more opportunities to get paid projects.

Content Requirement & Submission Method

Choose a type of video related to the product you’d like to make. It can be B-roll+BTS, Gear Review, Real World Testing Review, Filmmaking Tips/Tutorials, Short Film/Mini-Documentary, Product Commercial, etc. Please refer to the specific requirements of each project for details. You might get paid for your work for some projects.
Please submit your work within 2 weeks upon receiving the product. Please share your video content on social media  (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Vimeo, etc.), and set to public with the hashtag #ZHIYUNCreatorsClub added to your post. Then submit the post’s link to
Those who fail to submit their work within the agreed time, or whose work is obviously perfunctory, will be disqualified for future Creators Club projects. (Please send a message in advance if you cannot meet the deadline due to extenuating circumstances)

Opportunities for Displaying Your Work

High-quality content will be pinned to the homepage, and/or reposted on ZHIYUN social media pages to get more views. All content exposure through various ZHIYUN channels will be labeled with the creator’s ID.
Once you have submitted your work, ZHIYUN reserves the right to use, edit, and repost your submitted content.

Perks of being a ZHIYUN Creator

1.Receive the product you applied for free.
2.Marked as ZHIYUN creator in ZHIYUN talent pool, gain priority to be chosen for future official collaborations and paid projects.
3.Increase the exposure of your work on official ZHIYUN social media platforms.
4.You might get paid in certain Creators Club programs.